Chitranjali Tiwari


Chitranjali has achieved professional and academic excellence at the intersection of environment, sustainability, and climate action. Her academic journey, commencing with a B.Tech from the esteemed IIT Kanpur, culminated in a Masters in Public Policy from Singapore, equipping her with a potent blend of technical expertise and policy understanding.

For over eight years, Chitranjali has thrived in diverse professional settings, all united by a core focus on environmental issues. Her experiences encompass international and national public sector consulting, from KPMG’s Economic Advisory to her current role as an independent Sustainability and ESG specialist. As both a researcher and independent scholar, she has co-authored insightful pieces on critical sustainability and climate matters in leading publications like The Economic Times, The Hindu, The Outlook, and The Brookings.

This remarkable combination of academic excellence, real-world experience, and a proven commitment to sustainability positions Chitranjali as a valuable advisor to the Treescape Planet Organization’s mission.

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