Welcome to the Jungle

Treescape Planet is a not-for-profit initiative and social enterprise dedicated to promoting reforestation and sustainable land management practices around the world with a mission; “to make all persons of the community champions of sustainable development with a focus on promoting afforestation, agroforestry and re-afforestation.”

Our Belief

We believe trees are mother earth’s way of showering us with love, showing us beauty & teaching us how important it is to be self-sustainable.


Since its foundation in 2020, over 3700 trees have been planted in Uganda, and we are expanding. All trees are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social and financial benefits to their communities. Thanks to its initiative model.

Our Mission
To promote, encourage and foster the preservation of our community’s natural environment and build a future in which human livelihoods are maintained in harmony with the environment.
Our Goal
A population consciously engaged for a sustainable planet.

Our Objectives

Environmental Benefits

The realization of agroforestry systems allows making precise choices in relation to the specific characteristics and needs of each project area.
Which support diverse and sustainable ecosystems. Various studies have shown that agroforestry systems are foundations to reduce soil erosion, and improve soil fertility.

The tree species planted are native or respect the biodiversity of the different territories.

The agroforestry practice also integrates the planting of trees in an agricultural system, favouring the virtuous interaction between the different species and the sustainable use of resources and land.

All trees absorb CO2 storage in the course of their growth, naturally generating a benefit for the entire planet.

It should also be remembered that trees and forests are essential for our survival.

Social And Economic Benefits

We grow trees, communities and opportunities
What do trees have to do with equality?

More than you might think. Because education and income, two key benefits in combatting inequalities between and within countries, can also, surprisingly, come from planting trees.

A sustainable ecosystem made up of complementary elements. At the heart of it all: a tree.

With a multidisciplinary activity that bridges several worlds, aiming for the greatest possible sustainability, that is also capable of generating food (and potentially economic and social) resources for those establishing these systems. We imitate what nature creates spontaneously.

Obviously, one of the biggest benefit of planting trees is the oxygen they generate.

There’s no (sustainable) tomorrow without gender equality

Planting Trees Is Great

Planting trees in an agroforestry system is even better
Agroforestry is often defined as ‘agriculture with trees’. Actually, it is so much more than that.

Agroforestry is the fact of cultivating a mixture of trees, shrubs, crops and in some cases, livestock.

It is the management of land that optimizes the benefits of the interactions of trees and/or shrubs with crops and/or livestock. Every action, no matter how small, always has an impact.

Whatever we do might not affect everything or everyone in this world. But it does make a difference.

Everything we do today might not get us the result in this instance, but those efforts are never wasted.

Working for the environment is no one man’s job. We all need to come together to do it. Hence, we welcome endowment, charity and voluntary activities to be involved to make this world greener than how we found it.

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