Dr Gilbert Miito, PhD


Gilbert is a research associate and an Agricultural Engineer with over seven years of experience designing wastewater systems and agricultural production systems.

Gilbert’s research interests hinge on developing environmentally sound management practices for animal production facilities and manure application sites to reduce nutrient losses, air emissions and transport of airborne microorganisms.

Gilbert has been awarded several honours and awards. Having worked on a diverse roster of researches with a wide range of scopes, gave him an inside look at the tactics and strategic systems needed to employ to break through in a competitive and ever-changing landscape.

As a research associate with Washington State University – USA, he was responsible for designing, monitoring, and evaluating livestock manure management systems before later joining University of Missouri as a Post-Doctoral Fellow. Acting as a Wastewater Engineer with National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Gilbert was responsible for producing designs and plans for sewerage, water treatment, and water supply structures.

While at the University of British Columbia as a visiting research scholar, he collaborated on research addressing problems at the intersection of technology, environment, and development.

Working as a research associate with Makerere University – Uganda, Gilbert conducted data sampling, collection, analysis, and manuscript reviews. Gilbert holds a Ph.D. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from Washington State University – USA, a Masters in science of Agricultural Engineering from Makerere University – Uganda, an undergraduate Bachelors degree of science in Agricultural Engineering from Makerere University – Uganda.

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