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Climate-Friendly, Healthy Food

Food-service operations in schools, hospitals, universities, businesses and restaurants supply nearly half of all meals in the Country. By redirecting their massive purchasing power, these food establishments have a huge opportunity to help us transition to a healthier, more sustainable, and equitable food system.
What is climate-friendly food service? Healthy, climate-friendly food service achieves a lower carbon and water footprint than traditional food service by offering a wider array of healthy, plant-based and plant-forward foods.

It also cuts emissions by reducing overall food and packaging waste, sourcing from farms that use carbon-enhancing, healthy soil practices and implementing recycling and other energy and water-saving measures.

Climate-friendly food also supports public health goals and has the potential to save lives and billions of dollars in healthcare costs. There is widespread consensus amongst public health organizations that eating less meat, especially processed and red meats, can reduce the risk of diet-related illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.