Projects & Impact

Cultivating Environmental Stewardship: The Kasumba Project

In July 2023, Treescape Planet Organization embarked on the transformative Kasumba Project at Kasumba Nursery and Primary School in Mubende, Uganda. This initiative aimed to instil environmental consciousness and stewardship among students and the community.


  1. Educate over 710 pupils on climate change and the importance of trees.
  2. Plant 150 trees within the school premises to foster environmental responsibility.
  3. Utilize tree planting as an interdisciplinary educational tool.



  • Inadequate preparation time and unfavourable weather conditions posed obstacles.
  • Limited community participation initially threatened project impact.



  • Meticulous planning and proactive weather monitoring ensured project success.
  • Overcame challenges through resilience and resourcefulness.



  • Beyond tree planting, the project cultivated a deep connection with nature among participants.
  • Engaging in activities like tree planting demonstrations and environmental talks inspired environmental stewardship.



  • The Kasumba Project serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring collective action in addressing environmental challenges.
  • It demonstrates the transformative power of collaboration and education in creating a sustainable future.



The Kasumba Project exemplifies the transformative potential of environmental education and community engagement. Through collaboration and empowerment, Treescape Planet Organization has nurtured a generation of environmental stewards, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable world.