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Greening Nakaseke: Empowering Communities Through Tree Planting & Sustainable Farming

Treescape Planet embarked on the #GreeningNakaseke project in Nakaseke district, Uganda, with the aim of promoting afforestation, agroforestry, and re-afforestation among farmers and school-going children. Through a series of activities including awareness creation, tree planting, training of farmers, and information sharing, the project sought to empower communities while upholding the principles of sustainable development.

Key Achievements

  • Successful planting of 1,200 trees, transforming the landscape and contributing significantly to environmental conservation.
  • Empowerment of over 30 small-holder farmers through targeted training sessions, fostering knowledge exchange and networking.
  • Establishment of an awareness hub serving as a central source for disseminating valuable information, and enhancing environmental awareness in the community.
  • Distribution of 395 tree seedlings to farmers and 805 to schools, including species like mugavu (Albizia spp), Mangoes, musizi (maesopsis eminii), Avocado, and jackfruits in partnership with government agencies like NEMA and NFA.


Tree Planting Activities in Schools

Nakaseke International College, Nakaseke Technical Institute, and Nabbika UMEA P/S were the focal points for extensive tree-planting endeavours. Activities included awareness creation sessions, active student participation in tree planting, and integration of environmental education into the curriculum.

  • Nakaseke Technical Institute: Engaged vocational students in tree planting activities and promoted the integration of sustainable farming practices into their education.
  • Nakaseke International College: Encouraged student involvement in environmental conservation through informative talks, debates, and tree-planting initiatives.
  • Nabbika UMEA Primary School: Empowered young environmentalists to take the lead in tree planting efforts, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility from a young age.



  • Conduct more timely training for farmers in areas of afforestation and agroforestry.
  • Secure fruit trees which are highly valued by farmers to further incentivize participation.



The success of the #GreeningNakaseke project was made possible through the collaborative efforts of partners, sponsors, and the local community. Their support and dedication have laid the foundation for a greener and more sustainable future in Nakaseke district.

Farmer Testimonials from the Greening Nakaseke Project

Caroline Nabukeera

“Before the #GreeningNakaseke project, I never realized the importance of planting trees on my farm. Now, after receiving training from Treescape Planet, I understand how trees can improve soil health and provide additional income through fruit sales. I am grateful for the knowledge and support I’ve received.”


Byansi Richard

“As a small-holder farmer, I used to struggle with soil erosion and low crop yields. Through the #GreeningNakaseke project, I learned about agroforestry techniques that have transformed my farm. By planting trees alongside my crops, I’ve not only improved soil fertility but also diversified my income sources. Thank you, Treescape Planet, for empowering farmers like me.”

Nakate Rose

“The Greening Nakaseke project has been a game-changer for me and my family. Learning about the benefits of tree planting and agroforestry has not only improved our farm’s productivity but has also enhanced our environmental consciousness. We now see ourselves as stewards of the land, thanks to the invaluable training and support provided by Treescape Planet.”

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