SDGs Impact


Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Women make up almost half of the smallholder agricultural workforce, but usually have much less access to resources like credit and quality inputs. According to FAO, if women smallholders received the same access to productive resources, agricultural yields could rise by 20-30%. When agricultural yields increase, there is less pressure for deforestation and clearing of additional agricultural land.

That’s why Treescape prioritizes working with female smallholder farmers through our work, with almost 60% of our partner farmers being female. Treescape works to improve female farmers’ access to training and quality inputs through our work, ensuring that they are at the center of our work.

Our project will ensure that the needs and disparities and the needs and priorities of men and women are given equal consideration. Gender analysis will be conducted to identify how gender norms, roles, and relations impact the project, and strategies will be developed to address any gender gaps that are identified.